• My son was being sued in small claims court by his estranged wife for eviction and mortgage payments from January 2017 to the present.  He had hired a lawyer to represent him, but that lawyer was called out of town and it was too late to file a request to have the hearing postponed.  My son called Mr. Akhtar 2 days before his trial.  Mr. Akhtar accepted his case with very little time to prepare.  He made the time to research other documents she had filed with the court and was able to use those documents to debunk the inaccurate statements she made to the judge at the hearing.  He was very fast on his feet, and did a great job defending my son from the lies she was telling.  She did not recover any money from my son, and he was allowed to stay in his home until the division of their marital property is decided by a family court.  Mr. Akhtar did an excellent job for us, and I would recommend him if you need somebody in your corner.  He charged us fairly for his work, and I would use him again.

  • This was the first time I’ve ever had to deal with a lawyer and I’m so glad that my grandmother referred me to him. Ali was extremely patient and informative when it came to my case. He always gave me the information, allowing me to choose what I thought was necessary. I 10/10 recommend!!!

  • It was good to find an attorney who is willing to provide the services that he say he will provide. Has communicated with us on all areas that he has worked on or had questions about. I would recommend him for anyone.

  • Ali was the second Lawyer that I hired in regards to the vehicle accident I was in back in November of 2007. The first lawyer was very unresponsive and actually ended up abandoning all his clients, including myself, when he moved to another state in a total rush. After hiring Ali, he threw himself into my lawsuit and got the ball rolling again. Ali answered all my questions and concerns even if it wasn't asked. When we went to court in August of 2010, he was very knowledgeable in everything thrown our way. There were many times I was ready to throw my hands up and just go about my way. But Ali pulled me through each time. He was not about to let me give up. The outcome of my lawsuit was a total win. I can now move on and live my life without wondering 'What next?'

  • I would highly recommend Mr. Akhtar for any personal injury case. We used him after my daughter's car accident last year. He was very thorough, always answered my calls and emails promptly, and we got a fair settlement. He is great on pricing and worth every penny. If you want a knowledgeable, fair attorney, Mr. Akhtar would be a great choice.

  • I worked with Ali on a personal injury case and I highly recommend him. He worked hard and went above and beyond what I had expected. I'd also like to add that I was in Utah while Ali was in Austin, so everything was done over the phone or via email. Regardless of what your needs may be, I suggest contacting Ali first. If he can't help you out he'll do what he can to put you in contact with a firm that will.

  • Ali did exactly what he said he would do. Everything was done in a timely manner and he was the utmost professional in all aspects of his service. I will recommend him to all my friends and anyone that asks for a great injury lawyer, Ali Akhtar is my go to man!

  • Absolutely great in handling my terrible car accident settlement. Was very thorough in taking all the details, handling the police, the hospital bills and the insurance company. Attention to details and documentation was so thorough and excellent, that the claim was adjusted in a couple of months. Would highly recommend him. Very stress free experience.

  • I have been working with Ali for over six months on a commercial litigation case. I have found Ali to be honest, trustworthy and detailed. He provides me regular updates and is very detailed in his feedback. I would highly recommend Ali and his firm to my friends and clients.

  • Ali was a great help in getting a business issue settled for me. He advised me on my options and made some great suggestions on how to approach and what the likelihood was for success. It really made things easy for him to handle all the filing and letters. He was very clear on what the fees were and there were no surprises. Very smooth process. I plan on using him for some other business concerns and highly recommend him to anyone needing a business attorney.

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