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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Make Ali A. Akhtar Your Business Law Attorney in Austin, TX

You started a business to sell products or services to the community, not deal with contract disputes or employee problems. Fortunately, there's a business law attorney you can turn to in Austin, TX at the Akhtar Law Firm.

Ali Akhtar can handle business law matters with ease. He'll get to know your business goals and do his best to help you achieve them. He can be your legal counsel from the very beginning of your business, and will work hard to protect your business' bottom line.

Reach out to the Akhtar Law Firm now to free yourself from legal issues that come with being a business owner.

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Turn Over Your Business Law Issues to to the Akhtar Law Firm

Attorney Ali A. Akhtar has a wealth of business law experience. As a trusted business law attorney in Austin, TX, Ali A. Akhtar can handle:

  • Business purchase and sale agreements
  • Business formation
  • Business counseling and risk management
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Copyright and trademark registration and enforcement
  • Commercial debt collection
  • Commercial lease negotiation and disputes

Bring Ali Akhtar, attorney at law, all of your general business litigation cases. He'll do his best to negotiate acceptable settlement terms, but he's not afraid to enter the courtroom and fight for you. Contact the Akhtar Law Firm now for the business guidance you need.


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Business Formation

Starting a new business is exciting, and as a new business owner, you have many things that you need to focus on. Setting up your business properly from a legal standpoint is one of the more important things to take care of. Whether you are forming a corporation, limited liability company, or a sole proprietorship, making sure you are choosing the proper business structure is paramount to your success.

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