• Let’s Talk Trademarks: Part 2

    Jul 15

    A Guide to Trademarking for Texas Business Owners

    By Ali A. Akhtar

    In the first of our two-part series on trademarks, we cleared up some of the most common myths about trademarks and how they apply to business owners. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of trademarks, their uses, ...

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  • Let’s Talk Trademarks: Part 1

    Jul 1

    5 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Trademarking

    By Ali A. Akhtar

    Intellectual property is a high-stakes field of law, and a company’s trademarks, patents, and other forms of intellectual property can be extremely valuable. Unfortunately, this is an area of the law that many business owners are not well-versed ...

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  • Beware of Using Employment Contracts!

    Jun 15

    Hiring Help Without Unintended Consequences

    By Ali A. Akhtar

    Hiring employees is not only a big step for a small business, it is a serious legal responsibility. It is crucial for business owners to be clear on how to bring in (or let go of) help without certain legal consequences. ...

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  • Getting What You’re Owed

    Jun 1

    Creating a Consistent Method for Collections 

    By Ali A. Akhtar


    A business that’s owed money and can’t collect will soon be a dead business. Having a standard operating procedure for the collection of payment is an essential aspect of any business plan. In this blog, ...

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  • 4 Core Contracts Every Business Owner Should Know

    May 15

    Contracts: The Foundation of All Business and Commerce

    by Ali A. Akhtar


    Contracts are written legal agreements, and they are the foundation of all business and commerce. Business owners should become fluent with basic contract language so they can know what to look for in their contracts and ...

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